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Public venue, conference, congress or just corporate lecture, office meeting, inspiration talk or masterclass.

Lectures can be tailored to fit every occasion and immerse you, the audience, into the world of freediving, peak performance, sport science or personal growth. But most important, to immerse you deeper into yourself.


All topics are my own personal experience. From scientific achievements to trial and error in the field. From the ocean depths to the Himalayan heights. Form personal growth to team management. Techniques of relaxation and self-exploration to PR campaigns and major project management.

Freediving and me

Principles of periodization

Mental training and strategies

Expedition planning

Equalization, theory and practice 

Perfecting movement – technique

Human energy management 

Quality vs quantity in sport

Physiological guide through a freedive 

Packing efficiency

Building PR and sponsor campaigns 

Advanced training principles

In a place where everything is just a click away, all is reachable and seen before, for every remote corner of the planet you can get a guided tour, low budget airline or street view, the only remaining mystery is you. The final frontier is within us, all we need to do is start this final expedition into uncharted territory and venture beyond the limits we imagine to have. Rediscover yourself.